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Custom-Built Computers


Our experts  can assess your computer needs and whether it is the latest, greatest component or an older version of Windows, we can make it happen for you. We take the best parts and put them together to create a system that is specially built to cater to your individual needs. After building your computer, we will install any desired software to ensure that you get the most out of your new computer including Microsoft Office and Anti-Virus   Security. Let our professionals custom-design a computer for you today and never settle for anything less than exactly what is best for you.


Virus Removal/Troubleshooting


   We provide a multi-layer approach starting from the router with the latest firewall technologies and end up on the workstation with anti-virus and anti-spyware software.  For an even higher level of protection, a security appliance can be installed. In addition to filtering all internet traffic, this appliance can restrict access to undesirable websites. If a malware threat has already penetrated the network, we can stop its proliferation by isolating contaminated computers and, after disinfecting the computer(s), run tests to ensure that there are no threats remaining.



Computers, like cars tend to provide a trouble-free experience with proper maintenance.  Without periodic checkups, systems that get regular use will slow down and eventually cost much more to repair than if regular maintenance procedures are performed.  We offer a number of maintenance plans (see “Total Care Program” below), or we can also customize a plan that will work best for you.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and recommend the best solution to keep you running at peak efficiency.

On-Site Maintenance


Our experts perform on-site computer service, upgrades and new system installations. We offer name brand products along with well-known & tested products assembled by our technicians.  Our experts can look at how you will be using your computer and make recommendations to take advantage of the best price/performance curve. In some cases, simply performing an upgrade can improve your system dramatically. Don’t wait for your systems to crash, let us come to you!

Backup Implementation


Data is your company’s most valuable intellectual property.  As the quantity of data that you retain, grows, so does the potential for a catastrophic loss.  Sooner or later every storage media will fail, but, we can ensure that if you lose your data, you will not lose your business.  From individual workstations to advanced multi-server farms that need backups, we have the solution.



We offer customized training for you one on one, or for a group of people, on a broad range of topics. From beginners to advanced users, we can setup custom tailored training to work around your schedule and even offer it on-site. If you think you could use some help with something, please ask, as we can probably get you up to speed with it!

Total Care Program


It has been our experience that a properly maintained computer will work indefinitely without major problems.  And if problems arise, usually it is possible to predict them in time to take countermeasures and assure continuous operation.  This becomes especially important with servers, where even 1 hour of downtime can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of lost revenue.  It is therefore possible for us to “put our money where our mouth is” and guarantee that if you allow us to maintain each one of your computers, we will not bill you ANY additional time in case your computers or servers stop working*.  That means that you can set up a simple, relatively small budget for all your I.T. labor expenses based on the number of computers and servers that are in your organization. We’ll guarantee that you will not go over your budget no matter how many hours it takes us to fix whatever is wrong. We’ll also maintain the rest of your infrastructure such as printers, wireless routers, etc. at no additional cost.


Give us a call and find out how much money you can save with our “Total Care” Program!


*Exceptions: Cisco routers, or deliberate attempts to sabotage the system.

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